• We has been entrusted by Gas Processing & Utilities (GPU) as the Main Mechanical Package Contractor of Gas Processing Kertih (GPK) Plant Turnaround 2019. MMSSB has been awarded to execute the main mechanical packages and associated works for the GPP-3 & FGRU Plant Turnaround which was started to performed in February and March 2019.

  • Turnaround packages started with GPP-3 and FGRU Plant which was shutdown on 7th Feb 2019 where the Battery Limit Blinding activities were performed and completed within a period of 5 days. During last day of shut down phase, critical path equipment A3-202 and major work equipment A3-201,A3-401,T3-701 were early handed over to MMSSB for EIS blinding activity. Then, mechanical day was declared for GPP-3 for on 12th Feb at 0800hrs for a period of 24 days. MMSSB has manage to complete all mechanical works for FGRU unit within 17 days and GPP-3 overall plant in 22 days, ahead by 2 days against planed.

  • PGB Operation continued to perform activities for GPP-3 Plant Start-up from 7th March 2019 until completed on 13th March 2019. However, the activities for Battery Limit De-blinding that carried out by MMSSB were commenced starting from 4th March 2019 and completed on 6th March 2019.

  • Total man-hours achieved during turnaround started from Shutdown Day, 7th Feb 2017 until Plant Start-Up, 13th February 2019 were 333,216 man-hours with zero incident or accident recorded during this Turnaround 2019.

  • The progress from main package contractor truly affected the overall S-curve for GPP-3 Turnaround 2019. The good achievement from MMSSB and other main package contractors has been shown in the overall S-Curve. Total worklist for main mechanical package 283 nos static equipment.

  • MMSSB has appointed 16 JIT Supervisor and 2 JIT Coordinator which undergo for qualification training by PGB to ensure all the QC/JIT Supervisor understood and implement the JIT procedures.

  • MMSSB also has trained a total more than 280 pax of Joint Maker to check, identify and report all of the joints opened during turnaround. Total Registered Joints is 5116 nos Joints.

  • Defect notification make up significant portion of the overall GPP-3 TA work list. Being the main package contractor, MMSSB has been entrusted to execute majority of the work. Total defect 1517 nos.All defects were found during the inspection of the equipment.