Maintenance & Repair Services


We also provide other maintenance services such as:


  • Maintenance of heat exchanger including tube bundle extraction and change-out, high pressure water jet cleaning of exchanger tubes and other repair works
  • Open-up, cleaning, repair works and other associated works on columns, drums, miscellaneous unfired pressure vessels and boilers during plant turnaround or shutdown
  • Overhaul and testing of pressure safety valves and block valves
  • Fabrication and repair works




Plant Turnaround And Shutdown


Plant turnaround and shutdown projects are the core business of the company. 

Our Skill

  • Planning and preparation
  • Joint integrity management
  • Scaffolding and insulation
  • Shutting down activities
  • Mechanical activities
  • Inspection activities
  • Blasting and Painting activities
  • Hotwork and Defects activities
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Start-up preparation
  • Final close-out report



Storage Tank Maintenance


Among the services we provided to our clients are:

  • Total tank maintenance services that includes cleaning, blasting and painting of shell/bottom plate replacements, as well as seal replacement/installation, tank appurtenance and/or foundation repair, piping tie-ins/replacement and other related services
  • Heat exchanger maintenance including tube bundle extraction/change-out, high pressure water jet cleaning of exchanger tubes repair works and other related works
  • Cleaning or repair of columns, drums, miscellaneous unfired pressure vessels, that includes boiler open-up, inspection and other associated works during plant turnaround/shutdown
  • Overhaul and testing of Pressure Safety Valves, Block Valves and other related materials
  • Overall fabrication and repair works





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